Nine questions when evaluating VDI vendors

  1. Do you offer Private Cloud?

Companies concerned about data security will insist on a private cloud solution, eliminating data security risk that comes with Shared Cloud, where your data sits on the same servers where other companies are storing their data.

  1. What operating systems do you support?

Be sure that the VDI service provider has the expertise to offer a stable Windows 10 implementation (which most companies are using) and can support any other operating systems you are using.

  1. Does the service include an Active Directory server with file share?

Some service providers do not provide this, so be sure that this is part of their offering.

  1. Does the VDI service include anti-virus and host security software at no additional charge?

Many companies don’t offer anti-virus software at all, and some offer it at an additional charge, so make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

  1. Is remote access and VPN software/hardware included?

Some vendors only enable VDI access from your office(s) but cannot support roaming access. If you have people traveling or working from home, be sure that roaming access is supported.

  1. Is back-up software/hardware included at no extra charge?

Some vendors offer no back-up at all, placing this responsibility on the customer to deal with. Make sure that your provider offers back-ups as part of their service offering.

  1. Does the service include dedicated hardware firewall ports?

Visor VDI ensures that your data is protected with industrial grade firewalls. Make sure that whatever vendor you speak with explains how they address this need.

  1. What kind of Admin capabilities are offered?

Some VDI service providers do not give you an admin module, while others offer only a one-size-fits-all solution. Be sure your IT team has the capabilities it needs to efficiently keep your users up and running.

  1. Can you guarantee that my data is located (and remains) in a specific location?

For legal and regulatory reasons, you need to know where your data will be housed. And be sure to get that in writing.

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