Why Private Cloud is now a Must-Have for VDI Solutions

In late 2017 researchers revealed that there were two new threats to computers world-wide, introducing a big new security risk to any company using Shared Cloud solutions. Learn about the two variants of this new problem – Spectre and Meltdown:

New York Times Researchers Discover Two Major Flaws in the World’s Computers: Link

“The two problems, called Meltdown and Spectre, could allow hackers to steal the entire memory contents of computers, including mobile devices, personal computers and servers running in so-called cloud computer networks. There is no easy fix for Spectre, which could require redesigning the processors, according to researchers. As for Meltdown, the software patch needed to fix the issue could slow down computers by as much as 30 percent — an ugly situation for people used to fast downloads from their favorite online services.” — NY Times

The bottom line for any company concerned about data security is that Shared Cloud is now inherently risky. Private Cloud protects you against risks related to Spectre and Meltdown by ensuring that you are not sharing a server with any other companies. Private Cloud = Exclusive Server. Visor VDI offers only Private Cloud to our customers.


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